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Simple Steps to Maintain Your Solar Panels

July 10, 2020

Smart homeowners know the value of installing solar panels to their homes. Reducing electric bills, protecting against the rising costs of power prices, and increasing home value are just a few reasons savvy homeowners install solar panels. However, solar panels are a significant investment and like all home investments, it is important to maintain solar panels to get the most efficient use out of them. Here are three simple steps to maintain your solar panels.

Install screening around solar panels

When solar panels were first being installed on homeowners’ rooftops, they were told that once it was up and running there would not be any need for maintenance. The solar companies did not want to detract from the “clean solar “that they were selling to customers, assuming that it would turn off potential customers from wanting solar. Solar panels typically sit on the roofs of homes, which also happens to be where many birds like to go. Unfortunately, birds and solar panels do not mix well. Many owners experience the ongoing struggle of keeping birds from building nests underneath their solar panels which can impact the panels and cause unsightly clutter over time. Birds are not the only creatures like to reside under solar panels; homeowners have experienced lizards, rats and other creatures and pest underneath their panels. Other debris can also build up over time. Solar companies tried installing the panels closer to the roof or putting an edge on just the front to deter nesting to no avail. Not only did the pigeons nest there anyway but it was harder to get the nests out and the wiring got fairly hot with less space for airflow. Solar screening or “trim” prevents creatures and debris from accumulating and allows air to circulate underneath the solar panels, maintaining a protected area between the roof surface and the bottom of the solar panels. Many solar installation companies don’t offer solar panel screening/sealing, so it’s best to work with a reputable solar panel aftermarket service to get the job done right. These screens actually make the solar installation look more finished. A professional solar panel screening company can also install snap and rack solar skirts to finish off the front edge for an even nicer look.

Regularly clean your solar panels

Installing screening around solar panels will make the task of cleaning your solar panels a lot easier. However, solar panels need periodic cleaning to make sure dirt, leaves, and other debris are not obstructing the sun's rays. During the dry season or extended periods without rain, it's important to clean them manually. It is generally recommended that you perform solar panel cleaning between two and four times per year. While cleaning the panels and surrounding areas is not necessarily difficult, most homeowners are not interested in climbing up on their roofs to do it, so this important step is often overlooked. If your solar installation company doesn’t offer this as a service, find a solar panel maintenance company to help keep your panels clean on a regular schedule.

Protecting your solar panel investment is a smart move. Following these simple steps will help ensure your solar panels provide cost savings and value for years to come.